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Air Handlers

Air Handlers

Air handlers operate together with an air conditioner or heat pump system, are simple to the naked eye and are generally used in place of a furnace. An air handler box made of sheet metal, with holes on each side and a fan that circulates the air. It also houses other important air conditioning parts, such as an evaporator coil and the filter.

The air handler is also known as the indoor unit. Whenever you have to replace the outdoor unit, you also have to do the same with the air handler because both are designed to provide the best air conditioning system. Not matching these two air conditioning parts can result in poor air conditioning and heating performance.

Something not entirely new to the market, are the variable speed air handlers. They operate the same as the standard air handler, but have a variable blower. Variable speed blowers under normal operating conditions will provide constant comfort for your family because the will automatically maintain its programmed level of air flow. The variable speed blower allows the air handler to cool or heat the home with a steady and varying flow of air, instead of a stronger on/off flow of air as with a standard air handler. This function increases comfort by reducing uneven temperatures in the home, lowering operating noise, saving money on utility bills, increasing the effectiveness of the air filtration.


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